C.A.L.C. Ingenieros Ltda. seeks the best way to satisfy the client’s needs and to increase their operative efficiency, by the implementation of technological advances related with the energy management, communication and security, based in fundamental principles of quality, fulfillment and honesty; with the purpose of remaining in the market and provide welfare to the stakeholers.


C.A.L.C. Ingenieros Ltda. will be recognized by the Colombian market as the best option of Electrical Engineering support; a innovative and efficient company, that gives the client a real sense of reliability, accomplishment, and security in the implementation of new technologies, the integration of electrical, communications, and security networks.


C.A.L.C. Ingenieros Ltda. is a company focused to the customer’s service, committed with the quality of its projects, the fulfillment of the applicable regulation like the RETIE, NTC and International Standards, rendering a convenient service. The senior management team is committed to provide the necessary resources and look for the continuous improvement of the processes, with the total satisfaction of our clients as our main purpose.

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