Our team of engineers takes into account the scope, the purpose and the cost of each project of electrical network in any type of surface to achieve an adequate distribution in the users’ facilities.  Our firm has also a broad experience in system movement, updates, and reforms for clients all over the country. 

C.A.L.C. Ingenieros Ltda. has the proper equipment to make Energy Quality Studies in order to offer the most complete service of Electrical Engineering in the country.

The firm offers the following services:

  • Distribution.
  • Emergency Systems.
  • Alarm Network.
  • Electrical Grounding.
  • UPS’s.
  • Power Plants.
  • Lightning Conductors.
  • Voltage Regulators.
  • Electrical Protection.
  • Computer Center.
  • Regulated Stream Network.
  • Normal Stream Network.
  • Air Conditioning Systems.
  • Billboard’s Illuminations.
  • Closed Circuit Television.

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